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New Channels for the New Year!!

Dear valued BOYCOM Customer!

CHANGE is A-COMING to the Channel Line-up! Please be advised that as of 12-31-2020, we are NO LONGER providing Channel 3-ABC (WSIL/KPOB) and Channel 6-NBC (WPSD-Paducah, KY).  These Channels are Off-Air Broadcast Channels and are available to you, with an Antenna, for free over the air.

Due to the inability, through GOOD FAITH negotiations, to reach a new contractual Retransmission Agreement with both of these Broadcast Stations, we are required to cease passive retransmission of their signals.


  BOTH NBC and ABC National Programming can be viewed through our High-Speed Broadband Internet Service!!!


Beginning with your February 2021 statement, BOYCOM is reducing your “Retransmission Fees” charged for these Off-Air Broadcast Channels!

 Call our office and speak to a CSR TODAY!  We are more than glad to help you GET MORE from your Service at BOYCOM Vision!!

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